Join our community. We welcome students of all ages, ranging from Middle School to College / Postgraduate as well as qualified tutors.  If you would like to tutor other students indicate that on the sign up form so that others will know that you would be open to Tutor requests.

We also welcome parents looking to help their children in the search for tutors. 


Highlight your expertise and qualifications as a tutor so that students in need of help reach out to you.  Upload videos, links  or photos into your profile that will help verify your expertise. 


Specify your hourly charge rate and your Paypal.me link to get paid at a click of a button or use another payment method of your choice. Students looking for tutors can sign up and specify their background and area of interest. 


All members can control their level of privacy by going into their privacy and preference settings. Please make sure to go and set up your preferences, such as privacy, messages and time zone (time zones need to be specified in order for tutor sessions to be set at your correct time zone). 



Students can connect with other students to form study groups, post questions on forums and connect with  tutors. The platform is a flexible community for students and tutors to interact in any field of interest, be it from College Mathematics to Gaming. 


For tutors the number of connections, followers and ratings they have on the site will add credibility to their tutoring ability.                                              

3. REQUEST Tutor 

Before requesting a tutoring session  students will need to be connected with their potential tutor. Connection requests can be made by any  member of the site.  We recommend students to connect and then converse with the potential tutor either through chat, email or video to get to know each other and be comfortable before making a Tutor Session request.


Once a connection is made the student can make a request by completing the Tutor Request form and then inviting the tutor to the tutoring session. 

Notifications will be sent on invitation and acceptance.


The status of the invitation will be shown in the Tutor Session tab.

Once the tutor session is accepted, payment and timing for the session should be agreed.


Please note Tutorshares does not get involved in the payment transaction, there are no fees nor transaction costs for the tutor, student or parent by Tutorshares. 


We recommend payments to be made through Paypal using a secure Paypal.me link. 

For students under 18, their Paypal account will need to be created by their parent / guardian  and transactions authorized by them. Other payment methods can be used, it's up to the tutor and student/parent to agree upon as it is a direct transaction between the Tutor, Student or Parent. Parents for younger children should be involved in the tutor search and tutoring transaction process.


The tutoring session can be conducted using the Video Chat feature in Tutorshares.com. It has file and screen sharing funcionality built in to facilitate an effective tutoring session. Alternatively another free service can be used such as Zoom.